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Bekunis helps get constipation moving

Bekunis Dragées Bisacodyl are used as a short-term laxative for occasional constipation and conditions which require easier bowel movement.

Constipation is a problem for one out of every three people.Constipation is bothersome.Bloating, stomach ache, flatulence and fatigue make one feel generally unwell.And the problem gets worse the longer constipation lasts.

What is normal?It varies from person to person when and how often one needs to go to the toilet.Some people feel fine having one bowel movement per day.Medically, that is not absolutely necessary.Constipation is only in evidence if one has less than two or three bowel movements in a week.

Digestion problems are chiefly caused by our unhealthy lifestyles: unbalanced nutrition, not enough liquids, stress and overload.Insufficient exercise is a primary cause of constipation.Bekunis helps quickly to resolve occasional constipation:
Bekunis Dragées with Bisacodyl

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